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Count on Oral Surgery Associates of the Southern Tier in Binghamton, NY when you need dental surgery done right. Our surgeon has offered a full range of dental surgery procedures to men, women and children 14 years of age and up throughout the Southern Tier of New York and Northeastern Pennsylvania since 2007. We work with patients who have been referred by a general DDS.

From wisdom tooth extraction to treating related damage, our surgeon makes sure to provide the highest standard of care during all oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures. Our state-of-the-art digital X-ray allows us to accurately ensure proper bone density and identify a number of potential issues, including disease and injuries. From there, we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your health. We can answer any question you have about the services we provide, including what to expect before, during and after the surgery, how much it will cost and what your responsibility for the fee will be. We also provide in-house IV sedation so you can receive the care you need without any added discomfort or stress.

our Oral Surgery Services:

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a long-lasting and natural-looking dental procedure for addressing tooth loss. A titanium implant replaces the root of the missing tooth and secured to an abutment, which anchors the artificial tooth or teeth. 

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions can become necessary when a tooth is unhealthy or damaged due to injury or illness. Many times, a tooth may need to be removed if it is causing pain due to structural reasons, like overcrowding.

Wisdom tooth Extraction

In many people, wisdom teeth (or the third molars) do not fully emerge, becoming impacted against the next molars or against the jaw. When this occurs, extraction may become necessary.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting procedures restore or maintain bone structure due to an accident, trauma, gum disease, or tooth loss. Bone grafting is often necessary to support other procedures, like dental implants. 


When the band of gum tissue between the two front tissue (frenum) is too thick, it can form a gap between the teeth and lead to other problems. Oral surgeons perform frenectomies to resolve this.


When an oral cyst is found, your oral surgeon will determine the best course of action depending on the results of your biopsy. During a biopsy, cells and tissues are removed from the cysts to determine if they are cancerous or not.

Preprosthetic Surgery

Preprosthetic surgery preserves and restores jaw structure and function, improving aesthetics and quality of life. This is done in preparation for other dental procedures, allowing for a better fit of dental protheses. 

Sinus Lift

A sinus lift surgery grafts bone in the upper jaw area of the sinus lift, located on either side of the nose. This procedure is common to support dental implants or to restore bone density after tooth loss, often from gum disease.

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